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You need the numbers…get the process started here with your Florida home building project. The idea of getting multiple quotes for your project, while obvious, can be more involved than desired by many home owners. But, while time-consuming, we always recommend it as the process is designed to encourage building contractors to keep their margins to a minimum for you and also typically gets you realistic quotes. However, always keep in mind that comparing quotes from several builders is not straight forward or simple to decipher — as price is far from the only variable — and you should never base your judgement on price alone. Also, never hurts to keep in mind the difference between a “quote” and an “estimate”.  A quotation (quote) is a fixed price that typically is a specific cost for your project (and sometimes comes with terms, may be a fixed price bid, etc.) — while an estimate is an educated guess of what your project may cost and typically isn’t binding. Your goal is often to get quotes based on full specification (“spec”) documents and plans, as opposed to estimates. Ready to get started? Contact Xavier Builders below or give us a call at (305) 849-7812.