Our Philosophy

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Our Philosophy

Make your space a piece of art. Inspired by great design..

Our Process

  • Meet & Discuss
  • Plan and Assess
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Exceptional architecture, interior design and construction projects in Florida always start with a call or email to talk through the project (which may only be an idea or dream, at first). Our commitment to you begins from these simple starting points.

The planning and assessment phases flow the project to the next level of the design-build process and many questions are asked and answered during these most interesting phases.

Now the fun part begins! Whether your project is a design-build project from scratch or a home renovation, the team you select means everything. Working with our team on your architecture, interior design elements, finishes, custom cabinetry, and all aspects of your new Florida home project means every aspect of the project is done thoroughly and accurately.

Home building and innovativation drives us to being an exceptional partner with you during the often high-stress process of any construction project. With many years of experience in the industry, Xavier Builders serves our clients 24/7/365 throughout southern Florida and the Keys.








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Practicing at the confluence of art, architecture, design and building technology, we collaborate with our clients to create structures and environments that celebrate our clients’ lives. By combining the local culture, joy and passion Xavier Builders delivers not just homes but euphoria to our clients’ lives.

Residential construction in Florida is never an easy process — and process is everything when it comes to building homes in South Florida, as well as renovating both exterior and interior spaces. Finding Xavier Builders can take you just where you want to be. Turnkey home building from plan to completion.

Florida Home Building

Your home. Your dreams. Your lives. Always demand the highest quality work when it comes to your residential construction projects. Quality should never be taken for granted. We believe that a solid work ethic is becoming more rare these days along with an unwavering commitment to superior quality workmanship. It’s what sets Xavier Builders apart.

Turnkey Design Build

Want to deal with many providers or just one? Xavier Builders prides itself on delivering turnkey design, build home projects in South Florida including the Florida Keys. One of the things that sets us apart from other contractors and builders is that we can handle literally every aspect of your project from planning, zoning, design, permits, through to complete construction.

Pride Trust Control

You come first: Our Client. We take the utmost pride in working with you. We limit the number of projects we take on in order to guarantee our clients unmatched attention and control over every aspect of your home building project or home renovation. Exceptionally skilled designers, carpenters and finish teams guarantee your work is performed at the highest levels. It’s that simple.


Good design requires more than innovation, creativity and experience — it also requires seriously hard work, tenacity and a neverending attention-to-detail.

Residential Design

The word ``Design`` in Design Build includes more than just interior design. For us, it includes design and land planning, architecture, finishes, landscaping and all aspects of your project scope.

Superior Work

Ask our clients and they will tell you that our work speaks for itself. Xavier Builders has a single focus and that's to satisfy our clients beyond their own expectations.

Affordable Pricing

People often think, ``If you spend enough, you can get anything you want.`` But why? We pride ourselves on always-competitive budgets along with on-time completion 100% of the time.

Free Consultation

We limit the projects we take on so that our clients are always thrilled with the results. But the first step doesn't cost a thing and simply involves starting the conversation. Reach out when ready.

24 / 7 Coverage

Our clients often refer to us as their partner -- and that's always how we feel. 24/7 and 365, we're here to support you during residential construction projects in the Florida region.

Green + Sustainable

There are not many places where issues such as green building and sustainability carry so much weight as in Florida. Doing things properly and planning smartly from the early stages are the only ways to guarantee success.

Need Help With Your Home Building Project?

Stand Out. Be Different. Be Better.

Life is too short to take short-cuts that will end up catching up with you down the road. Residential construction has no room for short-cuts (aside from what some other contractors may do). Building and renovating your home can (and will always) be a daunting task. Thinking differently by doing everything right the first time is key. That can only be done by planning and managing the process fluently along with a never-ending attention to detail. Let Xavier Builders talk you through what’s possible.