Design Build

What is the Design-Build process in the construction industry? Although Design-Build projects are the fastest growing and among one of the most popular methods utilized for construction projects in this country, the method is not common to many home owners. Design-Build means a single source, single contract and single point-of-contact for all your design and build needs on a construction project.

Design-Build Projects: 1-to-1 Relationship
Let’s discuss the Design-Build process for your next home building or renovation project. You, as the home owner, deal with only one contract and a single point of contact — which in our case, would be Xavier Builders. Next, the design team (designer, architect, project manager, etc.) and construction team work together from the start of your project, as a single team, and deliver unified project recommendations to fit into your build schedule and budget.

In the case of any changes along the project timeline, these change-orders are then addressed by the entire team serving you, the home owner, leading to collaborative approach that handles problem-solving and innovation.  Compare that approach to “old school” construction methods with many different sub-contractors and vendors, and gone is the finger-pointing, baseless excuses and unexpected delays. While the single-source, design-build construction process offers major advantages, it is equally important that the firm you work with, such as Xavier Builders, has a refined culture of collaboration inherent in design-build process and maximizing all of the advantages tied to the design-build methodology.

Single Contact / Many Advantages

Your design-build projects are handled by Xavier Builders’ extensive in-house team of planners, designers, architects, construction managers, project directors, foremen, carpenters, and apprentices. Our home building and renovation team manages every aspect of your project from inception to completion. Our Xavier Builder team works under a single contract for both design and construction services. By integrating the designer and builder roles, we streamline communication and that results in substantial improvements related to cost management including lower overhead costs. Speed is yet another advantage of our design-build process as our combined, single-source team is fast, efficient and reliable given they work together on nearly every project. Lastly, what our clients love the most (well, right after cost savings and speed), is that there is a single entity responsible for the success of every aspect of your home building project — and that would be Xavier Builders.